Edward Caerleon(left) and Apollon(right).

Edward Caerleon (エドワード・カールレオン) is one of the twelve Zoalords. He had the appearance of a handsome young man.

In his battleform he could enter a pocket dimension and project three "shadows" into the real world. Each of these was identical to him in appearance and power, but intangible and thus invulnerable. He would use negatively-charged ionized plasma bursts to strike at his enemy.

Caerleon Zoalord

Caerleon in his battleform.

Guarding the Zoacrystals of Waferdanos, Purgstall and Yentsui aboard the Ark, he battled Apollon when he attempted to steal them. The mysterious Apollon proved capable of copying Caerleon´s abilities and defeated him, ripping out his Zoacrystal and adding them to his spoils.

Carleon was knocked out, and turned into a weathered, aged husk. Although he survived, he is practically immobile and expected to expire soon.

His name is a rather straightforward allusion to the historical Welsh town of the same name. Caerleon has a strong connection to the Arthurian legend, being even more important than Camelot in the older versions of the mythology surrounding the king. While the name Edward is the name of more than a dozen kings and princes of Britain or England, it is also interesting to point out that the name comes from "ead ward", which is old English and translates as 'happy (or prosperous) guard (or watchman)' (sic).

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