Synevite is an unusual Zoanoid, somewhat obscure and with unclear standing. He may be considered a high-end Zoanoid, or relatively weak Hyper-Zoanoid.


He originally appeared only in one of the three practically unknown Guyver novels, but then, years later, featured prominently in third episode of the second animated series. Finally, he also made an appearance in the manga itself.


Synevite is basically a humanoid cephalopod, most strongly resembling an octopus. In the one showing where he actually got to use his abilities on the battlefield, he was shown to be an extremely fast swimmer, have a body composed of mostly elastic tissues which proved impervious to the Guyver's punches by simply giving way and bouncing back, and to have an ink gland that shoots ink to blind his foes, leaving them vulnerable. And, of course, he has super-powerful tentacles, six of them (plus four semi-humanoid limbs) which can extend to about thirty feet. His seemingly floppy hands actually house rows of razorsharp claws that can shred human flesh on a whim.


  • Synevite bears slight resemblance with Cthulhu from Cthulhu mythos, though his tentacles are located on the side of his head instead of around his mouth.

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